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This page offers some information about our services
We work from your brief - We also discuss things with you at length to find out what your actual requirements, perceptions and expectations are. - If your unsure, we will discuss and become part of your creative team.
We give you written quotes and stick to them
We have been shooting on professional digital cameras now for 7 years, and therefore have much more experience of digital technlogy than many of out competitors
We don't have hidden extras
We have a fully colour managed workflow, that include our lighting systems,- We use DNG/RAW digital negative technology
We don't give you a massive selection of images to choose from, We clean the shoot only to provide you with the top quality print images. We provide the images that fit to your brief. We firmly believe that providing you with 200 images of the same subject will only confuse the issue and make your task more time consuming and difficult.
We will work round the clock including weekends to give you what you want when you need it
We will get model releases, captions, names of places and embed them in the files if required using industry standard IPTC fields
We do work in 16 bit RAW - not 8 bit JPEG - All our images are colour managed to the highest quality.
We do give you fully colour managed tiffs and e-mail sized jpegs
We do treat you with respect however large or small your project, we will provide the creative experience to know if the image you request is the right one. We will help with your final image selection .... only if you request it. We firmly believe that any project of this type is a partnership between the client and the photographer.
We do give discounts to artists, struggling creatives and models
We do give unlimited licenses to government and charities for their own use
We don't provide a substandard fast image service, The images that we provide are key to your business. If we provide a fast sub quality product, that will reflect on your business. We want you to come back to use and use us again.
Most professional photographers in the world, who shoot digital, shoots in 'Raw' format. Raw format gives you 16bit quality versus only 8bit quality for Jpegs. So please don't ask us to 'machine-gun' a scene and email you all the jpegs!

Find out more about RAW files here: post-production
We don't give you the copyright
Copyright stays with us unless you want to pay us a fee which reflects the purchase of the copyright.We will arrange a license with you that will allow you to fulfill the requirements of your brief.
We don't master every single image
We shoot hundreds of images in a session. In an hour we can shoot up to 200 images when covering an event or group set-up. You only want the few final images you're going to use. You get to choose these by previewing your proofs online using our proofing system. We can provide printed contact sheets if required.
We will go to the ends of the earth. We will mean what we say. We will do anything you request as long as you stick to your side of the bargain. ie. You give us a clear brief and pay us on time!
We don't take on every job we're offered
We don't take on everything because we have the highest standards. If you want a amateur that wants to make a few bob on the side, then we are not the photographers for you. We are totally 100% professional
We don't do pitches based on lowest cost alone
We'd rather you hired us for our style, quality of our images, attention to detail and ability to deliver.
Advertising, reportage and commercial photography are specialties. Not all photographers have exactly the same skills sets. They are all trained to do the basics but they excel in their own areas.
We will travel, anywhere, anytime, in any conditions,
We are professionals. We love what we do. We create beautiful images because that's our life. So we don't mind if it takes a bit of discomfort to do it.
We have invested many £1000's into the equipment that we use to provide you will the professional images that you require. We will compromise at nothing to obtain the right images for your brief. Always using the latest technology.
We do what we say and we say what we do.
Our business is built on recommendation and return business



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