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Final Image production

Our proofing system lets you see a rough preview of the images taken. You select your images and we crop, convert and colour-balance them ready and put them on a CD. We can provide them printed to transparency or to print. Any enhancements you want we do at this stage.

With digital capture you only pay for the time taken to produce the images you finally select. So, if you only require a handful of images there's no need to pay for prints or scans of every image shot.

But, pressing the shutter is only 50% of the story!

With digital images people expectations have been increased. Where as with old film technology, the client would select the image and then pass this on to and artist or graphic designer for further editing and post production work before print. This is now done in house. The images you receive are ready for print.

Just like film that needs to be developed first, digital images need to be run through an equivalent process of correction for colour & exposure before they are ready for print or web use. At the same time, we crop and convert your images to the formats you need. This is done using the latest industry standard computer programmes and many years of experience and knowledge.

Yes we can shoot on film. Bust most of our client base insists on us shooting digital.

1. DNG file

DNG (Digital Negative) is direct from the camera.
2. Converted TIFF file

The TIFF file is produced
from the RAW with no loss
of quality but needs to be colourbalanced and profiled

3. Final TIFF or JPEG file

The final image once it has been colour-balanced and sharpened. The TIFF file will have no loss of quality from the original RAW file. A JPEG output will be compressed to keep its size down for e-mailing or web use but will still be high quality.

The TIFF images that we produce are usually of 50mg in size but can be reduced to the required size. We can also upscale our digital images to billboard size.


4. Further Editing

We can editing the images to exacting standards i.e. duotone, b/w, saturated. warmed, the list is endless and is only exceeded by you imagination

The example above id b/w film noir style

We can also edit images to any standard that you require. From simple skin blemish removal to Magazine front cover editing.




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